VIC 20 Serial number 500363

This VIC is owned by Michael Tomczyk and located in United States.
It was added to the registry on August 27, 2019.

Made in Japan
All the VICs made in Japan had no serial number prefix. North American VICs made in Japan start from 500000.

First North American label: metallic with gold background and dark brown print.

Early VIC 1001 short case with a single row of ventilation slats on the bottom case. All the rear ports have a bevel. Small Hooks.

Motherboard assembly number (assy)
1001006: First motherboard, made in Japan.

Early keyboard adapted from the PET computers. The font on the keycaps was Microgramma.

TV system
NTSC-M - Television standard used in North American VICs (VIC IC 6560)

Date code